Build a tower - change your life!
Easy investments are great opportunities.
A PROJECT that changes people's lives, make your wishes come TRUE!
BTGT is an investment with active and passive income. A very simple approach and huge opportunities!
Thousands of people have already started building their income and multiplied their investments many times.
Reinvestment is provided on the floors to maintain the project and increase revenue. Its own token has already been released, which will be used in the second stage of the project. This is just the beginning, we are waiting for you! Do not waste time, buy a license and go ahead to meet your dream!
• To enter the game, you need a construction license - 0.025 BNB, purchased on the first page.
• The construction of floors is possible only in order.
• Each floor gives 3 payouts, after that, it breaks (freezes) until repairs are carried out (reinvest)
• The construction and repair of floors is available only when all the previous ones are active and do not require repair.
• The player can strengthen the selected floor in advance. (after 3 payments, such a floor will not break)
• Partner remuneration comes only to the constructed floors that do not require repairs. For example, if a player does not have a 10th floor built, but a partner builds it, the reward goes to a higher player who has this floor active.
• The constructed floors work up to 3 payments of 74%, the total is 222%, then, to continue the game, you need to repair the floor (reinvest).

• The affiliate program has 10 depth lines: 8\5\3\2\1\1\1\1\1\1 = 24%

• 2% of the investment goes to the liquidity of the BTGT token
Advantages of BTG
BTGT Cryptocurrency
• BTGT token and liquidity pool on PancakeSwap exchange. (The smart contract redeems and burns coins from the Pancake Swap pool, constantly increasing the price of the token.)

• There is no binary structure in the project, there is no expanding skirt!
(Marketing works like this: by purchasing any floor, you become in a linear queue 1\2\3\4\5\6... when the 7th participant enters, player 1 receives a payout and stands at the end of the queue at number 8. When the 9th enters, player 2 receives a payout and stands in 10th place, etc.

• If you are ready to change your life - join us!
Instructions for registering in Build Tower Game
• Click the "START GAME" button
• Click "Connect wallet and start"
• In the window that opens, select your MetaMask wallet.
• Click "Confirm registration", this way we buy a license for the construction site.
• Build your tower and earn with the Build Tower Game!
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